Pre-Settlement Funding Information for Attorneys

Our Commitment

Build a True Partnership with Attorneys and Clients

River City Funding is built on a streamlined and fully transparent process so you and your client can put all of your energy into fighting for a full and fair settlement. We work hard to understand the needs of your client and your practice with a one-team approach. Our organization was founded by financial and legal experts with an understanding that plaintiffs have ongoing financial obligations and too many cases settle early because of this.

Pre-settlement funding requires less administrative burden for attorneys and clients compared to traditional financing options, while also working on a quicker timetable. River City Funding is committed to minimal time investment for attorneys — we know your clients and cases deserve that — simply provide basic details about your case and our experienced team can take it from there.

what is pre-settlement funding

Give Your Clients the Resources to Fight for a Fair Settlement

We’re here to help clients and attorneys have the ability to stay in it for the long haul. How does River City Funding Help?

A Streamlined and Efficient Application Process

Electronic applications make things easier and minimize paperwork. River City’s approval process is quicker and simpler than other traditional funding methods. More importantly, we are absolutely passionate about providing outstanding service to you and your clients.

Time-Sensitive Approvals

We work to expedite approvals in the shortest time possible. Our underwriters have decades of combined experience and have a deep understanding of the intricacies of many funding requests as well as your firm’s needs and preferences.

Experienced and Dedicated Support

Each attorney and/or firm is assigned an account manager that will work to learn your individual preferences. You will receive assistance with case updates so you can commit your time to reaching a fairer and more equitable settlement for your plaintiff.

How Pre-Settlement Funding Works For You and Your Clients

It’s a simple idea: pre-settlement funding, also known as consumer litigation funding, gives access to money your client can use to meet financial needs while the case goes through legal proceedings. This money may not be used to directly fund legal claims, but it can absolutely be used for daily expenses, medical bills and making up for lost income. Typically, the objective is to give attorneys more time to work the case and reach the settlements that clients deserve.

Attorneys who are working with an injured client who requires money to make ends meet while their case settles may benefit from pre-settlement funding. River City Funding offers transparent and secure financing that will only need to be repaid upon winning the settlement. Reach out to our team for more information on how you can partner with us to help your client.

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