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Answers to your frequently asked questions on pre-settlement funding.

River City Funding delivers exceptional transparency and customer support for the entire funding journey and we believe in client education. It is typical for plaintiffs and attorneys alike to have questions from the beginning to the end of the process. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions, and our best general answers. Our team is always here to help, and if you need a more specific answer at any step along the way don’t hesitate to get in touch. We want everyone who comes to us for assistance to feel confident and informed about this important aspect of your case.

pre settlement funding questions

Common Questions from Plaintiffs

You may be eligible for Pre-settlement funding if you are involved in a wide range of injuries. The most common we help with are motor vehicle accidents, pedestrian injuries, premises negligence, slip and falls, and wrongful death.

Any one with a pending personal injury case who is currently working with an attorney can potentially be helped by us. Get in touch with River City Funding to get started.

We offer same-day electronic funding for qualified applicants.

Often you can get your money the same day your application is approved for funding. The time it takes to approve funding varies based on the details of your case and the availability of your attorney. On average, the application review takes about two business days from the time we speak with your attorney.

Pre-settlement funding is distinct from a loan. This financial solution involves no monthly payments, no upfront costs and money is funded on a non-recourse basis. This essentially means our organization only receives money if you win or settle your case.

River City Funding works with settled cases and plaintiffs who still require financial assistance while waiting for the funds to arrive.

River City Funding is committed to full transparency and a low cost model with no hidden fees. You pay nothing out of pocket and owe nothing if you don’t win or settle the case. Please contact us by phone for more information about cost.

Common Questions from Attorneys

We can provide your client with funds they need that can help them meet living expenses and medical expenses for the duration of the case. We want to help you and your client be able to focus on the legal proceedings and receive the best possible settlement or judgement.

No. Our streamlined approval and payment process is designed for you to spend more time on the case and alleviate financial burdens for your client.

We offer same-day electronic funding for qualified applicants.

Our operations minimize administrative workload and River City Funding will never interfere in any case proceedings while working to get your client the financial aid they need. We’re committed to delivering exceptional service and the utmost convenience as we support you and your client.

There is no involvement with the defendant, their attorney, or their insurance company. The only parties aware of this process are you as the attorney, your client and River City Funding.

We Are Here to Help

If you still have any additional questions, or are ready to apply, reach out to our experienced and dedicated team now. Apply for free in minutes with our three-step application process.

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